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ActionVisa offers efficient, reasonably priced visa services in the Czech Republic. Based in Prague, the nation's capital, we are able to provide you with full assistance with your application for a Czech visa (residence permit) and depending on your purpose of stay, other formal procedures related to taking up residency and starting up the activity you intend to engage in.

prague In accordance with your specific situation, we can:
  • assist you in applying for a trade license,
  • registering at the commercial register, the tax office or the social security authorities, or
  • undertake related official transactions on your behalf.

We are intimately familiar with:
  • the different kinds of residency permits that you can apply for,
  • who qualifies for them, and
  • how to go about getting them.

Our understanding of our clients' needs is a very personal matter for us as we have been in the same position for many years; our agency is staffed by people who have had first-hand experience with immigrating to the Czech Republic and with the bureaucracy involved.

Moving to the Czech Republic can be a life-changing experience. There is much to discover and experience, and doing so should not be affected by needless difficulties. Everyone who intends to live and work in the Czech Republic needs to have the appropriate permission from the Czech government. The authorities have been enforcing this requirement stringently since the Czech Republic entered the Schengen free movement area. Getting the necessary papers for residing here beyond the permitted 90-day tourist stay can be an enormous hassle, especially when one is not able to speak Czech. Depending on the kind of visa you apply for, it will be necessary to get very specific papers from different Czech institutions. At Czech public offices, clerks will usually not speak English with you and it is necessary to communicate clearly to them what papers you need for your visa or trade license application. Let us bring our bilingual experience to your assistance. We will obtain all the documents that we are authorized to acquire on your behalf so that you can enjoy life in the Czech Republic while someone with the necessary expertise takes care of the onerous part.

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