Services Offered to Employers

We are happy to cooperate with employers, including language schools, who wish to hire foreigners to work in the Czech Republic, either directly or as freelancers through a trade license (Živnostenský list), to be their agent for collectively arranging residency papers and related formalities for employees relocating from other countries. Our rates for these services and the conditions under which they are provided are negotiable. They can be adjusted to your company’s specific situation and be made more advantageous through long-term cooperation agreements.


Whether your foreign employees are language teachers, members of your top management, or other specialists, managers or migrant workers, we can relieve you of the need to take care of their residency papers. Our company can deal with one-time visa services, or can administer full agendas for residency permits (visas), work permits/trade licenses, or the extension of the validity of such documents for a company’s foreign staff. We can submit the initial applications for potential employees who do not yet have a visa or who need their visa extended or upgraded to long-term residency, monitor the status of employees’ visa/work permit applications, and after these documents have been received, can maintain their files and see to the timely extension of these documents when they come up for renewal. We can make sure that work permit extension, visa extension and similar procedures are done within the required deadlines and can relieve your company of the necessity to regularly monitor the current and up-to-date status of their visa employees.

Our knowledge of the manner in which the Czech legal system treats foreigners will be beneficial to employers who want to be able to hire foreign employees without having to take personal responsibility for their visa process. We are familiar with the mistakes that commonly occur when someone applying for a residency permit to work in the Czech Republic comes face to face with the relevant bureaucracy. Why not let us use our experience to relieve your company of the worry associated with dealing with visa administration and local immigration authorities? We are fully aware of the importance of taking administrative time deadlines into account, as well as details specific to each person’s application, and will be sure to do so when dealing with your employees’ files.