Moving to the Czech Republic

Before you come to live in the Czech Republic, it is important to consider how long you intend to stay and to have a clear idea about the purpose of your stay, I.E. what you will be doing here, as this will determine what steps you will need to take for establishing residence.

Let us suppose that you have identified the kind of employment or other activity you intend to pursue in the Czech Republic. You need to be aware of the type of residency permit that you will need:

  • A work visa: given pursuant to obtaining a work permit
  • A visa for the purpose of business: either for founding a company or for working freelance – on a trade license (Živnostenský list)
  • A student visa

It is essential that you know whether you will be working on an employment contract and thus will have to obtain a work permit and the related visa, or will be self-employed and will have to obtain a trade license. Generally, an employment contract and work permit are easer to arrange from an administrative point of view, but whether you qualify for it as a foreigner will depend (assuming that you are not a citizen of the European Union) on how desirable your chosen line of work is in the Czech labor market. Getting a trade license and then freelancing is an easy way around the requirement to obtain a work permit, but getting the trade license involves significantly more dealing with bureaucracy and you need to be aware of which professions qualify for freelancing in the Czech Republic and which don’t. We can offer consultation to determine what is needed in your particular situation, and put you on the road to obtaining it.


If you intend to study at an institution of post-secondary education in the Czech Republic, you will need a valid student visa.

When relocating to the Czech Republic, the question of accommodation will need to be dealt with. An address where the landlord or his authorized representative is willing to sign that you are resident there is essential to getting a visa. When choosing long-term accommodation, it is necessary to discuss this fact with the prospective landlord or property manager, and if you are going to freelance, whether he (or in his default another property owner) would be willing to let you use the address as your official “business address”. If there is a language barrier in these discussions, we can serve as an intermediary in the negotiations.