Price List

  • Initial consultation: 500 KČ (fee will be waived if further cooperation is agreed upon)
  • Complete visa package (includes application for both the visa and the trade license or work permit): 5000 KČ
  • Obtainment of individual documents (just trade license or just work permit, individual tax, property or business documents, etc): 300-1000 KČ per document (depending on complexity) with discounts for multiple documents
  • Registrations at individual offices without visa service (Commercial Court, tax office, social security office etc): 500 KČ with discounts for multiple registrations
  • Rates for assisting companies and employers with visa and work papers for their employees/freelancers are negotiable.

In each case, our services include the preparation of application forms for the visa or other administrative procedure, obtaining all the connected paperwork that we have the competency to apply for on the client’s behalf, consultation with the client throughout the process, and as the case may be, checking with the authorities on the status of an application. These prices do not include administrative fees and other costs, such as the visa application fee, the price of health insurance, or similar. We will provide visa applicants with information about the full cost of establishing residency in the Czech Republic.